5 CD-Box F. Correa de Arauxo

Francisco Correa de Arauxo’s surviving music is contained entirely in his Facultad orgánica of 1626. Published in Alcalá under the composer's own direction, this constitutes one of the largest and most significant works in the entire history of the organ. His compositions embody a wide range of characteristics, some rational and well structured, others mystical and even eccentric. Correa no doubt intended his works to be played in meantone temperament - the normal tuning system at the time for organs, and the one heard on these recordings.

The first recording of the complete organ works

Robert Bates

  • Produktion 2017  
  • DDD, Stereo
  • Gesamtzeit: 5 CDs 
  • Heft: 120 Seiten (English, Spanish, Registrations, Photos)


  • Cathedral, Oaxaca, Mexico (1712)
  • Santa María de la aSunCión (1792) Tlacolula (Mexico)
  • San Jerónimo (1729) Tlacochahuaya (Mexico)
  • Pacific lutheran the logical Seminary (1989) Berkeley, California (USA)
  • Mission San JOsé (1989) fremont, California (USA)


Zustellung ab Versand in

  • Deutschland: ca. 3-5 Tagen
  • Ausland: ca. 5-14 Tagen