SACD The great organ of Sint Paul's Church, Antwerp

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Johannes Geffert plays the organ of Sint Paul's Church, Antwerp, an instrument originally dating from 1654.

This organ is a unique synthesis built at a meeting place between cultures (Latin and Germanic) and confessions of faith (Catholicism and Calvinism). An organ case which has been built according to the principles of the Dutch-North German organ (the "Hamburger Prospekt": vertical construction, pedal towers) contains sound qualities that are mainly French orientated. Elements of the early-romantic have also found their place here. The front of the magnificent organ case is decorated with extravagant Rubens-like sculptures which make it unmistakeably original to Antwerp.

Georg Leyding, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johan de Gruijtters, Van Duijnkerke, Johann Kuhnau and Nicolaus Bruhns

Johannes Geffert

  • Produktion 2009  
  • DDD, Stereo
  • Gesamtzeit: 78:53
  • Heft: 24 Seiten (Deutsch, English)



Zustellung ab Versand in

  • Deutschland: ca. 3-5 Tagen
  • Ausland: ca. 5-14 Tagen


Georg Leyding

  • Preludium

Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Partita 'O gott du frommer Gott,'

Johan de Gruijtters

  • Caciliana
  • Het Carillion Van Duijnkerke
  • Sonata
  • Andante in G

Johann Kuhnau

  • Suonata prima

Nicolaus Bruhns

  • Praeludium